Participant Bios

Want to know whose words you’re reading?  Here’s a little bit about us and our interests.

Leah Douglas

Leah loves reading and thinking about food issues – as well as cooking and eating! She has a strong interest in food politics but is also working through a bookshelf laden with books on food culture.
Hometown: Forest Hills, New York City
Favorite Food: Grapes, fresh bread, layer cake, soft-serve ice cream, apples (especially Honeycrisp), fresh herbs…the list goes on!

Becca Rast

Becca loves grassroots community organizing and movement building – but that can’t happen without delicious food! She believes standing in solidarity with farm workers across the world is one of the most important things we all can do – everyone eats right?
Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Favorite Food: Corn on the cob, raspberries, homemade bread, cupcakes, mozzarella cheese

Olivia Singer

Olivia loves to cook and, too often, to eat what she cooks.  She is inspired by the workers she has met through her time in the Brown Student Labor Alliance.  She believes that farm workers need to be better incorporated into current agricultural movements.
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Favorite Food: Dairy products, raspberries, Nutella, ginger scones

Mary Alice Reilly

Mary Alice loves gardening, cooking, eating, and dancing. Sometimes, she wishes she could quit school and do them all, all the time. She is especially interested in community garden and urban gardening movements around the world. However, Mary Alice finds addressing all aspects of the modern food system important and agricultural workers especially should not be excluded from this discussion.

Hometown: the dirty south- Birmingham, AL

Favorite Food: fried eggs, grapefruit juice, asparagus, key lime pie, guacamoleeeeee

Rie Ohta

Rie loves food. Cooking food, playing with food, whole foods, eating too much food, not eating enough food – THEN eating a lot of food~ So she finds problems with the modern food industry troubling, to say the least, especially with regard to the agro-industrial complex. She is a vegetarian, so she worries less about her personal responsibility with the meat industry. Rie dreams of a society where the complicated, controversial politics and business around food don’t exist and everyone can eat free from worry : D
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Favorite Food: Natto, basil, mashed potatoes, all fruit, Blue Room Sandwiches

Andrea Gaines

Andrea is inspired by people organizing for food justice.

Hometown: Goleta the Goodland, CA

Favorite Food: grapefruit, pickles, and anything from the La Super-Rica taco stand


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